UNIFI - The Faculty of Political Science "Cesare Alfieri" was established in 1875 as an independent academic body. It has a long and internationally established tradition in teaching and research in the fields of international relations, economics and political science. In the Faculty, the Department of Government Studies is a centre for economic and international relations research, made of some 80 academic professionals and about 10 administrative employees.

The main research recently carried out include: i) the development of a multi-sectoral model of the Italian economy and its linkage with similar models of the major industrial economies (INFORUM project); ii) the development of a microsimulation model for firms financed by the EU Commission FP5 (DIECOFIS, Development of a System of Indicators on Economic COmpetitiveness and FIScal Impact on Enterprise Performance); iii) a model for the assessment in the log run of investment tax credits. The Department is also involved in consultancy activities with both the Italian Government and the Governments or public institutions in South America and Middle-East countries. On issues of fiscal policy and tax analysis, the Department has one of the finest expertise and experience in Italy.


UNIFI University of Florence

Department of Government Studies

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Mr Prof. Patrizii, Vincenzo

Head of Department of Government Studies

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