Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the highest strategic decision body. It is formed by a representative of each WP leader.

The main tasks of the Steering Committee are the following:

  • Dialogue with the Project Management Board giving the strategic directions;
  • Respond to calls by the Project Coordinator, whenever may occur problems or conflicts that cannot be handled by the Project Management Board;
  • Issue guidelines and strategic directives for the work that is to be done to fulfil the contract;
  • Facilitate cooperation/collaboration between Workpackage Leaders and International Organisations and other relevant entities in the field of business statistics;
  • Ensure networking within and among partners; and make certain than they are actively involved and assist in disseminating the research results in their respective countries, as well as in different arenas, e.g. partners', EUROSTAT and the European Commission, policymakers, the research community at large, organizations of the civil society, business organizations and so on.

The Steering Committee is held every six months. Meetings of the Steering Committee can also be held by teleconference, other telecommunication means or electronic means.


Mr Roberti, Paolo (ISTAT) - BLUE-ETS Scientific Coordinator - Chairman





Ms Bavdaž, Mojca (UL) - Leader WP3


Mr Daas, Piet (CBS) - Leader WP4


Ms Fazio, Donatella (ISTAT) - BLUE-ETS Project Coordinator - Leader WP1, WP9


Ms Giesen, Deirdre (CBS) - Leader WP2


Mr Mortensen, Jorgen (CEPS) - Leader WP10


Mr M√ľnnich, Ralf (UT) - Leader WP6


Mr Papp, Tibor (INFOSTAT) - Leader WP5, WP8


Mr Hudec, Miroslav (INFOSTAT) - Leader WP5 (1.10.2010 - 31.3.2013), WP8 (01.11.2012 - 31.03.2013)


Ms Signore, Marina (ISTAT) - Istat Research Team Coordinator