Work Plan

BLUE-ETS is structured in 11 Work Packages (WP), with an outcome of 34 Deliverables, belonging to 4 main Subject Areas:


Work Package1 refers to the Management of the Project and the Coordination of the Consortium.


Subject Area 3: Work Packages 8 - 9

Investing in new knowledge and value added, and opening up new opportunities - which is about applying new methodologies, opening up new vistas, and availing of the opportunities disclosed by new technologies.


Subject Area 4: Work Packages 10 - 11

Extending results and improving the statistical information, by fostering the dialogue and the cooperation among producers, users and policymakers - which is about improving relationships with users, best practice and ways to disseminate.


Subject Area 1: Work Packages 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Better data collection for better data quality, greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness - which is about tacking innovative action at the design and collection stages, to handle issues relating to cost, motivation and quality.


Subject Area 2: Work Packages 6 - 7

Better statistics through boosting the "potential" of existing data - which is about "enriching" the quality of data and swelling their informational contents.