List of Partners

BLUE-ETS Consortium involves 16 Partners from 9 European Countries. It covers all the areas and expertises needed to implement the various activities which are scheduled, including statistical and economic (business related) research, IT development and exploitation.


The Consortium, coordinated by the Italian National Institute of Statistics-ISTAT, is structured in three research 'hubs' linked by their common involvement in statistical and socio-economic research:


the Official Statistics Hub, which includes 5 leading EU NSIs: ISTAT-Italian National Institute of Statistics; CBS-Statistics Netherlands; SSB-Statistics Norway; SCB-Statistics Sweden; SORS-Statistics of Slovenia;


the Academic Research Hub, including 8 Universities: UNIBO-Bologna; UL-Ljubljana; UNINA-Naples; UT-Trier; UNIBG-Bergamo; UoS-Southampton; UNIFI-Firenze; UoM-Manchester;


and the Statistical and Policy Analysis Research Hub, which includes 3 leading Research Institutes: INFOSTAT-Institute of Informatics and Statistics of Slovakia; CEPS-Centre for European Policy Study; IAB-Institute for Employment Research.


The composition and mix of the consortium implies that the results of the project will be circulated and spread, not only among the consortium and academia but, above all, among key EU actors and policymakers, i.e. the NSIs and EUROSTAT; the European Community; and national governments with, hopefully, feedbacks and benefits for the latter.